Coca Cola & Boondocks Restaurant Installation:


Bespoke Restaurant Lighting for Coca Cola and Boondock: our glorious Contemporary Chandelier.


When Adare International approached Roast Designs us at the end of October 2016 (at 10.15pm!) needing a bespoke chandelier and bar lighting installed before the second week of December (in time for Coca Cola’s Christmas Party) we said ‘We’d Love To!’

In less than 6 weeks we designed, made and we installed this wonderful bespoke piece:

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0. Coca Cola Chandelier


And, it is Beautiful! We are proud to have the Roast Designs name associated with the wonderful Bespoke Chandelier

Over 4 metres long with 104 coca cola bottles each illuminated with 30 soft white LEDs. The whole piece is six and one half turn with over 300 metres of flex and 150 metres of LEDs. More photos below about the journey…
This photo is of the ceiling plate prior to cleaning and lacquering. In the top left you can start to see how polished it finished (and the reflection of our quince tree:-))
2. Coca Cola CHandelier



Nothing sharpens the focus like wiring 208 cables in a specific sequence… Mozart was playing loudly that afternoon in the studio!

Just packing something this long with twisted fabric flex is a real challenge and you have to keep on top (or underneath) it all… oops, did Karen leave the lights on?


And here we are, raising it up into position on Saturday night at just before midnight; it was Joe’s birthday the next day so he got to celebrate it with flicking the lights on and unwrapping the chandelier!


We also did three additional ‘Plank Lights’ using 14 coca cola bottles. Michael, in the centre of the photo, owns Monarch Shopfitters and was a real joy to work with (sorry for the photo Michael, we know you are actually a smiley happy fellow!) – … A big Thank You to him and his team without who this would not have happened on time.
Finally with all the time we had  (!!) we even did some cladding for them. Trying to create the beachcomber salvaged hut effect  🙂


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