Inspired by the beauty of blown glass spheres, Roast Designs has created a range of stunning bespoke chandeliers. Each piece designed and created in our London studio is made to order and truly unique.

Off-the-shelf chandeliers can be lovely however they are seldom perfect. With our experience and expertise you have no need to compromise.

Whilst our designs are undoubtedly a modern take on traditional chandeliers, the combination of glass spheres and light is timeless and will suit both modern and traditional interiors.

Contemporary chandeliers made to your exact specifications.

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Our team of design professionals are ready to assist in creating or revising your artwork for you. We offer a fast turn around, so no matter when your deadline our same day printing service will suit you!


How to create an exceptional piece that reflects your unique tastes, home, needs & budget.

The Guide To Buying The Perfect Chandelier For Your Home.

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Timeless Designs For Both Modern & Traditional Interiors.

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